Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Work Drama

Do you remember high school? If your high school experience was anything like mine, it was full of drama. As it turns out, working in a high school is equally, if not more, dramatic.

Me? I like to think of myself as someone who is not dramatic. I don't deal well with drama. I find it annoying and something that petty, lazy people use as a distraction from real work. I think it's a big, fat time waster and the people who allow themselves to get sucked into it are only making life harder on themselves. Even outside of work and in the relationship sphere, my patience for drama is absolutely nil. Head games do not work for me. If someone I know is being dramatic, I will call them on it--something that gets me in trouble, as dramatic people do NOT like to be called out on their drama.

Life is too short to get caught up in that crap. Not only that, but my year as a VISTA is such a small, condensed amount of time, and as such I try to avoid the people who are always at the epicenter of the drama because I know they are like tornados, sucking in everything in their periphery. I can't think of any other way to deal with it.

Do you have life drama? How do you deal with it?? Help a girl out, because I feel like I am drowning in BS.


  1. I don't like drama either, and I purpously avoid people who like to create it. But I have to admit that sometimes I get sucked in, and have to find my way out again. But for the most part I just stay out of it!

    No, the kids didn't get sugar highs. Dallin got heathly snacks since he is still too little for candy, and Addie for whatever reason, doesn't really eat candy. In fact, the Easter bunny learned that she doesn't even like jelly beans.... Which was most of her candy anyway haha. We are lucky not to have that problem!

  2. By the way, your post about the rerrible things sold on the Internet was hilarious! I couldn't agree more! I particularly liked the growth ring..... Why would you sell that?! And ESPECIALLy for so much!!