Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wander On

We're all wanderers here, right? So that means I can post all the adventures I am excited about in the near (and far) future. Some have dates set in stone and others haven't even been planned, but they will all happen!

  • Phoenix for Easter - this weekend! So excited that I get to seem my brothers, sister, niece and nephew!
  • Alaskan cruise - End of May/beginning of June
  • Seattle/Tacoma (port of call, ftw)
  • San Francisco - a must before I leave California!
  • New York City - never been and absolutely dying to go
  • Greensboro, NC - might seem a bit random, but I must must must see the bestie again soon
  • Great Britain - I met all these wonderful people who lived in various areas of the UK when I worked at a summer camp in Maine. They have all offered me a place to stay, would all be stoked to have a Tripp Lake Camp reunion, so what am I waiting for?!
  • Italy/Greece - I am a sunshine girl, dying to dip my toes in Italian sand and kiss Italian men.
  • Korea - Living in Los Angeles has really given me an intense education in Korean food. Despite getting crazy overcharged because I'm white, I'm excited to get crazy overcharged for some seriously serious authentico.
  • Japan - Again, a friend of mine lives in Japan and holy hell, it's Japan!
  • South Africa - Ever since I was a junior in high school and roomed with a South African girl at the nerd convention I attended in D.C. I have been dying to go to this land of dichotomy.
  • Australia - friends live here! I wish I lived here!
Where do you want to visit next?

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