Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Job Hunter: May 6-13 in review

I know it's been awhile since I posted about my job hunt, but I wanted to check in and let you all know that it's still going strong!

This week, I:
  • Continued studying for the GRE (finished reading up on the writing portion, my area of least concern)
  • Found a few internet databases that I am going to scan regularly based on my job interests
    • National Association of Independent Schools for Resident Advisor positions for boarding schools, teaching positions I'm qualified for, and organizational development positions.
    • JournalismJobs for copy editing or entry-level positions (since I don't have enough j-experience as an underling for much else).
    • Idealist for nonprofit jobs, although the few that I am qualified for (mostly Administrative Assistant jobs), I am grossly overqualified for.
  • Applied for 10 different jobs through these databases.
Next week, I will:
  • Study for the math portion of the GRE (booooo)
  • Find two new job databases to search through
  • Apply for 10 jobs
For those of you out there on the interwebs who are interested in nonprofit jobs, NAIS and Idealist are great places to start, if only to get you acclimated to what kinds of qualifications are necessary for specific jobs. Idealist is a natural choice--a collective of nonprofit jobs from around the world. I even applied for a job in Somalia! But the downside to Idealist is that its a natural selection for all like-minded individuals, and as such, you are only as good as your resume.

NAIS, on the other hand, may not seem like a natural choice, since it's a website for postings in private schools--not exactly the most under-served community. However, lots of private schools need help fundraising, developing infrastructure, and organizing. Gaining experience in these areas is essential to me, if only to gain the skills necessary for work in a needier community. So...if you know of anything like that...shoot it to me.


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