Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Media Tuesday: Ender's Game

I've been giving this book a lot of love on my Facebook and amongst my friends, recently, but it's just a book I have been loving on since I was in the fifth grade.

I loved this story as an impressionable 11-year-old child, largely because of the book's acknowledgement of children as real people with real thoughts and intelligence. As a lit major, I was taught the principle of "othering" the marginalized--women, children, African Americans, etc., but I felt  this principle as a kid, often ignored as having nothing of interest or importance to say. Ender's Game empowered me, made me feel like I could be important, like I could matter in an adult world.

What's your favorite book?


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  1. Our good friends in this ward are rated to oroson Scott card! He is her uncle and would often have her and her sisters read what he was working on to get their opinions! Cool huh? You can view her blog off mine- their last name is Graff.

    I have way too many favorite books. I have loved the glass castle, half broke horses, the poison wood bible, and these is my words, recently! If you havent read them, they are all fantastic!