Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Links of Love: Nail Tricks

Last week I posted some of the craziest nail trends popping up on the internet. This week, I am going to post some DIY manicure tricks of the trade.

We all remember our junior high days of yore, giving your besties faux-French tips on their bitten-down-to-the-quick shorties with the help of this little beauty. Well, scotch tape isn't being used this way anymore, not that everyone figured out that paper hole reinforcement stickers are the perfect shape for that anyway. However, new scotch-tape nail art trends are popping up and they rock waaaaay harder. To use this tool to your advantage, paint directly onto the tape with as many coats as needed, wait for it to dry, cut out the shape/design you want and place directly on your nail. Swipe a layer or two of top coat and you're good to go!

Are you kicking yourself yet for ever bothering to try to create a slight crescent shape with scotch tape yet? Because ever since I heard about using these things for French manicure (and reverse French manicures), I have been pissed at myself for not figuring this out on my own.

Tired of using that dotting tool (or spaghetti noodle, if you're me) to create complicated florals? Why bother? If you live within reasonable proximity of any vegetation, go outside, pick some small pieces of greenery and seal them to your nails with some topcoat! This picture also shows a well-done scotch tape manicure on the right side.

Nail foils are seriously the best nail cheat. And it is seriously a cheat. You'll finish putting them on and you'll wonder why you don't own a closet full of them. Also, they seriously last forever. I have only tried the Sally Hansen ones, but they lasted more than a week!


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