Thursday, May 31, 2012

New hiking boots?

Alrighty blog world, I'm in the market for some hiking shoes. All I have these days is a pair of Pumas I bought online while working at a girls' summer camp that provide zero ankle support. And I gotta tell ya, they're just not cutting it anymore. Especially after the disaster that was my foray into the Sespe Wilderness.

But I have preeeetty high standards for my footwear. I want a shoe that provides great ankle and arch support (I've got some crazy high arches and I'd like to keep it that way, thank you very much). I want something that doesn't make me look like I am wearing moon boots, so something sleek and attractive-looking -- just because I am in the wilderness doesn't mean I have to look like carp. Of course, durability is a major consideration. If I'm going to invest, I want a lot of bang for my buck. Also, I am considering a worldwide trek in my near future, so I would love it if my new hiking-wear could double as world-trekking-wear, which needs to be versatile, durable and light. So with alllll of those considerations flitting through my brain, here are the front-runners.

Name: Keen Glarus in Bison/Slate Black
Price: $160.00*
Pros: Waterproof, I like the bootier look of these things as compared to the Oregon PCT below
Cons: 1 inch heel heigh, 1/2 platform, not sure if I like the tapered back

Name: Keen Oregon PCT in Slate Black/Madder Brown
Price: $170.00
Pros: Waterproof
Cons: On the verge of being moon boot-like, definitely very "American"-looking

Name: Dr. Martens Ironbridge ST/Dr. Martens Ironbridge NS
Price: $130.00
Pros: Steel toed, super durable, moisture-wicking lining
Cons: Heavy, can't tell the difference between these two shoes(?), water-resistent (not proof)

Name: Timberland PRO Rigmaster 8" Waterproof Titan Toe
Price: $170.00
Pros: Not sure if it has a steel toe, but it meets regulation safety requirements, so there's that. Clearly the highest-quality of the boots I've looked at, just not positive they are the best hiking boots. Waterproof.
Cons: No weight information available

Name: Palladium Pampa Tactical
Price: $110.00
Note: Not the actual color--I want black, but it doesn't show up in photo well.
Pros: Fairly light, coming in just over a pound, DriLex lining and moisture-wicking, more urban-looking than any of the others
Cons: Not 100% waterproof

*Prices found on Zappo's


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