Friday, May 18, 2012

My anti-clothing anathema

I have qualms with clothing.

I don't mean I have qualms with
While I, in fact, draw issue with all of the above, my issue du jour is clothing in general, and more specifically, the requirement to wear clothing every day.

You might think I'm whacked, but I see no benefits to the societal pressure to be perpetually clothed. It is just that--a norm we have been adhering to for so long that our clothing has lost most of its utilitarian roots, which are now buried firmly in the soil of the superficial consumerism that drives the American economy. Think of the developing world, or religious traditions that veer away from the Western view. Dress varies greatly across a spectrum from entirely fabric-covered to outfits of the loincloth variety.

Yours and my jeans and t-shirt mandate originates, not from a religious perspective nor a utilitarian one, but rather societal. But in that 110+ degree heat, wouldn't it just make more sense to be entirely without? Hell, even in 75 degree weather, clothing is oppressive, obtrusive, and cramps my style.

Not only that, clothing is a shield to hide behind. It's a way of expressing yourself, sure, but also labeling yourself, a broadcast to the world of what kind of person they can expect to find inside these clothes. I see this as majorly negative since you're likely to miss out on amazing individuals solely because you don't think they will be your kind of person.

Now, I'm not saying I wish to be a nudist. I'm just saying that I wish our world view of nakedness would evolve to be less embarrassed and more accepting. I mean, lady parts or dudely parts or a little bit of both--it's just our bodies. They're all essentially the same.

Sure, I understand instances where clothing is necessary--certain working conditions, let's say. I know I wouldn't want to be operating a jack hammer with my lovelies dangling loose and free. And of course, in inclement weather, it would be downright foolish to stick to this ideology. But sometimes, a girl just needs to be free.


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