Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weekend Wanderer: Ultrazone in Alhambra

It's sad that none of my regular readers will find it surprising that I will gladly drive more than an hour to the other side of the city to play laser tag, but I did.

Despite what the sign says, Ultrazone is "the ultimate laser adventure," and is one of two of this particular chain in Los Angeles. The second is actually much closer to home than Alhambra/South Pasadena area, but it does not boast 11,000 square feet of laser fun. And if you know me, you know I demand only the best in my laser quest.

We arrived at Ultrazone on a balmy evening shortly after a traffic-filled commute that consisted mainly of driving in circles (thanks Google Maps). But once we arrived and made our way into the building, we came to realize our journey was about to take an unexpected turn. The building was dead. With the exception of two people working, we had the joint all to ourselves. I was ecstatic!

And then this guy showed up. At 30 years of age, our new friend comes here every day and plays laser tag, apparently by himself or until poor saps like us come along. We had the very joy of playing with this dude, oh he who calls himself "Game Master." Eight games worth of the Game Master had me wanting to throw him out a window of self defeat, but I used my gun instead of my words and decimated him a couple of the games, anyway.

All in all, definitely worth the drive! For my Phoenix friends, it's on par with Laser Quest, slightly better in some ways, but lacking in that the course is made of wood, not metal grating.


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