Monday, June 25, 2012

A Dilemma

As I have been updating everyone on the status of my job hunt, I feel particularly compelled to update you on the most recent developments.

Some of you may know, my year of VISTA service ends on August 24--not to far away now! I have been looking for a job to really pick up where this year leaves off, one that will continue to develop the skills I will need for my future career (still developing my ideas on what I want that to be, too!). When I applied to teach English in Korea, I don't know if I recognized the inherent benefits later on down the road, but I definitely understood the immediate ones. Benefits such as a fairly cushy salary (more than I make now), low living costs, free housing, free round-trip ticket, short work week, among other things.

When I applied, I knew that my start date was a little late for the program's liking. I knew that they generally liked to have their teachers present two weeks before the start of the school year for On-Site Orientation and that even working with a hagwon (a private school, generally a little bit more relaxed than the conventional programs), it would be difficult to accommodate such a late starting date.

So now, the school I have applied through is beginning to assign positions and my recruiter is telling me that I will be difficult to place because of my start date and asking if I could move it up by two weeks--and what am I supposed to say? Am I supposed to miss out on the experience of a lifetime for two weeks of unbending, unwavering rigidity on behalf of the American government? Am I supposed to miss out on a $5,000 payout just for a job? And am I supposed to throw away the $150 I have already invested in going to Korea??

Rock, meet hard place.


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