Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Youtube Education

So now that it's become physically impossible for me to think of anything other than Korea, I've been watching youtube NONSTOP. Not only does it make me want to become a youtube star in Korea, but it has been giving me at least a little exposure to this completely foreign culture I am about to immerse myself in. 

Check these out--they are hilarious!

This is a video by a couple living in Gwanju (check out a helpful map here). They produce some fun videos and also maintain a blog.
This is another couple, this time living in Seoul (Gangnam, I believe?) who seem to have made the transition from ESL teachers to full-time bloggers and vloggers. They produce a lot of content and I have basically been watching them nonstop. In this vid, they go to eat traditional shabu shabu, a meal that is meant for a group of people, like most Korean meals.
Of course, there are others that I've been watching, mostly singles giving tours of their apartments and such. I'm learning a lot, but I really want to put off learning Hangul (the Korean alphabet) or bits of useful Korean until AFTER I take the GRE (August 4!), so at least I'll have shoved all that useful math information out of my brain to make room for filing away important cultural customs and other politesse.
So, be prepared for my upcoming youtube videos as we embark upon August. I'm thinking I'll let you in on the packing process (a year's worth of shoes!), hopefully give you some first looks and impressions of Korea, and show you my place and whatnot. Also, I turn 23 this week. I feel old, but at the same time, I feel intense happiness because everything is coming into place and I am living out my 20s exactly how I always wanted!

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