Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekend Wanderer: Cruise Food

I have to imagine that going on a cruise is just a glimpse as to how the "other half" lives. You know which half I'm talking about: the sickeningly wealthy half. Nothing made this clearer than dining in the "fancy dining room" where such fanciful dishes were brought to your table, only after you soup and appetizer courses, of course. 

Of course, eating anywhere made me feel like a commoner. Generally undercooked or overcooked food was slapped on a plate and handed to the next lardo in line. Is it weird that a cruise makes me think of these class issues?

To be perfectly honest, I felt really guilty having people serve me day and night, turning down my covers at night and taking care of even the most minuscule details. While it was very, very nice, it was also really nice to return to doing things for myself and feel less overwhelmed by my white guilt.


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