Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekend Wanderer: The Alaskan Cultural Experience

"Indian Delight!"

Maybe this is the tourism industry of Alaska (much of their economy is built on it), but the state boasts a rich culture that is diverse and a history fraught with violence, but also of developing understanding between race and culture clashes. One of the movies I saw while visiting a museum said it best:

"When comparing Alaska to the lower 48, it seems like just that--that Alaska is grander."

It's true; there is nothing quite like it: the scenery is incomparable to anything I've ever seen in my life, the state is larger than Texas, and the indigenous people who first lived here have spent the last three hundred years fending off invaders and then, later, coming to a sort of cultural understanding. Remnant of the Tlingit culture are scattered throughout the state and they still thrive in their own way: through the production of art and artifacts, through opening museums dedicated to promoting understanding and through historical sites of importance to the Tlingit, Russians and Americans.

Totem poles were everywhere; they were and still continue to be a way for the Tlingit to tell the stories of their ancestors.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into the culture of Alaska and tomorrow, I will be bringing you photos of the much-anticipated glaciers!


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