Friday, August 10, 2012

Adventures in Nail Polish: Black Tips

The claw!

I'm not sure why all the photos I upload from my phone directly to my blog look so grainy, but I'm hoping to invest in a quality camera in the coming months, so hopefully your days of looking at such hideousness are numbered.

For my black tips, I used:

  • Black Sharpie
  • Nubar, "Diamant"
  • China Glaze, "Fairy Dust" (discontinued bottle found on Amazon for 99 cents!)
I just ran a swipe of Fairy dust on the half-moon line of my tips to jazz them up a bit and to take attention from any mistake I made while drawing on my nails. It didn't show up in the photo and isn't very noticeable on my nails either. I think "Fairy Dust" may be too fine of a glitter polish for this effect, but it's the only glitter polish I currently own.

I know I recently showed off a Sharpie marker manicure,* but it really is one of my favorite ways to "paint" my nails. Aside from the occasional smudge, it offers lots of control and looks like real polish after a swipe of topcoat. I've found the real trick to making it last is to prep with topcoat, mark on top of it and then swipe on topcoat once more. This seals the manicure and ensures that the marker doesn't fade.

*NOTE: Maybe this is bad for you, but I haven't noticed any adverse effect from manicuring my nails with Sharpie other than they look flippin' awesome.


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