Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Facebook Fights and ChickFilA #2

I generally keep the stinkier of my opinions off this blog, so I feel the need to apologize for my post earlier this week in which I discussed the topic of gay marriage. I feel as though I may alienated some of my readers and by not allowing comments I didn't allow a platform for healthy discussion. My reasons for doing so were purely selfish--I readily admit that. I had a long day of debating the topic with old childhood friends that spewed hateful bigotry as though it were factual.

These were people I saw if not daily, at least on a weekly basis. I had verbally sparred with these people in the past to debate intellectually pretty much any controversy. Whenever we had the occasion to discuss matters in this way, we naturally seemed to adhere to an unwritten set of rules that dictated that we base our discussion in logic, respect each other without name-calling, and avoid comments that leered toward racism, bigotry, stereotyping or generalizing.

There are legitimate reasons why legalizing gay marriage should be seriously questioned and debated, whether you are gay or straight, religious or not. There are serious drawbacks and benefits on both sides of the argument.

But the people with whom I was debating the subject were not adhering to these unwritten rules. They weren't basing their arguments in logic, whatsoever, and were instead allowing themselves to be driven by emotion and closed-mindedness. These were childhood friends that hated gay people because they were gay--without hardly knowing a gay person, attempting to view the issue from any other perspective that their own, or acting out the love they grew up being taught (for it was the same love for all human beings that I was taught).

I realize my post was somewhat caustic, but my intention was not to offend, but merely to show my support for those people in my life who I think are being treated as second-class citizens by our government. I welcome any discussion on this point, so long as it adheres to rules above. I don't take anyone's views personally because I think all have the right to them and I do enjoy a health debate.

So again, I do apologize.


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