Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I thought you might all like to hear the results of the recognition event-- it went very well. Everyone congratulated me on a job well done on my speech and it really built bonds between our group and the other fellows working for the district, which included Teach For America fellows and a few other programs, all made up of young professionals trying to change the world. It was a really inspiring evening. Afterward, we met up for happy hour at Baja grill with the fellows and several district employees who are supportive of our programs. These people inspire me just as much as the fellows becausethey believe in the possibility of change and believe that we can make a difference. Too often, people get jaded and seeing this vision of hope for the future helps me to know that I am not merely being naive and that I won't necessarily lose my idealism with age. All in all, a great evening where I felt truly important and like I mattered.


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