Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Camera Craziness

The longer I work on this blog, the more I know I need to cozy up to a very visual person who will indulge my vanity long enough to take some dang photos of me. I need a photographer. Of course, the longer I run this blog, the more I become interested in photography. I know, I know, the last couple weeks does not show that ... I've been slacking.

Recently, I have been absolutely lusting after these old cameras. I would love to have a very visually appealing mode of capturing visually appealing images! Or even if they were just used as decoration, I would love them. Guess that's another thing to put on my "someday" list.

Ladies and gents, meet my dream camera. This puppy shoots professional-grade photos and video and would be so, so, so perfect for my Korea-and-beyond adventures. I could finally achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a youtube star, incorporating journalism and blogging and making a living off of doing everything I love, all at once. This is the be-all, end-all of those dreams coming true. Too bad it retails for $1,699. Cheaper on amazon and eBay, but still, out of my price range entirely.

Although the Canon 7D is my dream camera, there are definitely other cameras out there that I would love to play around with. Take, for example, the Holga:

Shooting film in 35mm, I want this adorable toy camera not just because it's adorable, but for the images it produces. Although they aren't necessarily the best quality, that's where the charm comes in. I love looking back at photos from my childhood, or heck, photos from my mom's childhood where the images are distorted and grainy. There's a feeling you get from those photos and that's what images should do--inspire a feeling.

I'm also in love with the Diana. I think I like the images off these cameras more, if possible. You shoot using 35mm film, but you can shoot in half-frames or full-frames, and there are exposure option, something you usually don't get with toy cameras.

Finally, this post wouldn't be complete without an instant camera thrown in. I love instant film--it's instant gratification and sure, sometimes the colors get messed up if you touch the image too soon, but then again, there is part of the charm.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini is such an amazing camera. I love that the photos are miniatures and that they print in high quality. During a night out, you can snap photos and share them with friends immediately, leaving behind memories and capturing some for yourself. I love the idea and would LOVE to own this camera.

Although, not as much as I would LOVE to own a 7D.


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  1. I have a fancy camera that I don't get to use enough. NC is totes on the way to Korea, so if you stop in on your way over I can take you to the quad and take some loverly pictures under the magnolia trees. Just sayin'.