Monday, August 13, 2012

DIY shelving unit

It's part criminal and part utilitarian.

It's my new organization unit! I stole these milk crates from the produce store next to my school, spray painted them with some 59 cent spray paint (on sale at Michaels) and called it good. Although it still looks pretty cluttered, at least it gives my closet shelf some much-needed relief.

Hehe it's so crazy messy. But to be fair, I blame all that crap at the bottom on the cats, who like to sneak into my room and destroy EVERYTHING.

NOTE: I can't be 100% sure that taking these milk crates counted as "stealing," per se, when there are about a billion of them sitting out by the dumpsters every day. However, I did wear an all-black catsuit and blared the Pink panther theme song during the endeavor.


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