Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend Wanderer: Short Stop in Silverlake and Parenthetical Asides

Friday night, I ventured out of my hovel (no really, my room is so messy it's definitely reached hovel status) to celebrate middle/high school friend, KFC's birthday at Short Stop, a bar in Silverlake.

Not gonna lie, it was a pretty hip place. I mean, hipsters everywhere. When we arrived (at 9:30), there was jazz music playing and the place was pretty dead. KFC assured myself and his friend (whom I also drove) that the place gets "pretty bumpin'" later. And it did.

It was a good time, all in all, and I'm glad I could be there to celebrate his day of birth and to safely drive him home afterward. I met lots of new people, danced in close quarters on the dance floor (which had these huge, really cool paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling), chatted and cooled off and took in the experience.

As my time draws to a close here in Los Angeles, I really savor these moments and have come to view all of my experiences as memories in the making.

To close, a photo of KFC and I with a couple friends our senior (junior?) year of high school. We've come a long way and I hope we stay in contact across time and space!


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