Thursday, August 16, 2012

One more week

Although my VISTA service is ending soon, I'm still constantly surprised by how I get treated at my schools.

The principals at my schools are not quite my bosses and they generally don't treat me like their employee. One of my principals treats me like a colleague, something I really appreciate. She respects me as an individuals with my own valid ideas and shows her appreciation when I go the extra mile.

One of my other principals treats me like dirt. This is my least favorite school for many reasons, but the leadership is numero uno. She treats a lot of her employees like dirt and it's no wonder that morale is so low among the entire staff. She acts like I can just drop everything for her school at a moment's notice. When I ask her to do something, like say, look over the parent newsletter and mark changes, she passes it off to someone else and then when the newsletter doesn't turn out like she wants, she gets angry. She had a WEEK to do as I asked, but she couldn't be bothered. And now I'm supposed to rearrange my schedule to fix it, but to be honest, now I can't be bothered.

One more week. One more week. One more week! Thank the lord!


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