Saturday, August 18, 2012

Polish Frenzy

I got a pirate's booty in the mail today: 26 polishes from Coastal Scents. I ordered it two weeks back because one of my favorite bloggers, The Dainty Squid, wrote about what a sweet deal they were ($23 for the set) and I was looking to expand my, er, color palate.

They included this bumper sticker and the world's tiniest sample eyeshadow, but it's loose powder, which I'm not a fan of. Anyway, that's a lot of polish. This purchase added a base coat, another top coat and a ton of glittery/holographic/jelly/flat colors to my collection and I am so excited about the manicures to come!

To give you the lowdown on what it contains (no reviews as I haven't used it yet)----

The basics:
  • top coat
  • bottom coat
The staples:
  • A dark silver/pewter--"Galaxy"
  • Gold--"Solar"
  • Silver--"Lunar"
  • Enigmatic bronze with green flash with chunks of copper/bronze glitter--"Cosmic"
  • Flat black--"Gravity"
  • Flat white--"Star"
Pinks/Reds--Lightest to darkest:
  • Very light pink, jelly?--"Cotton Candy"--looks very thin in the bottle
  • Flat coral pink--"Carnation"
  • Flat hot pink--"Peony"
  • Flat true red--"Rosebud"
  • Flat deep red--"Azalea"--also looks think in the bottle 
  • Shimmery frosty green/blue--"Tweedia"
  • Flat sea foam green--"Lily Pad"
  • Flat dark green--"Cactus"
  • Flat light blue--"Forget me not"
  • Flat electric blue--"Morning Glory"
  • Shimmery dark blue/turquoise--"Comet"
  • Shimmery dark, dark blue--"Nebula"
Single, flat dusty purple: "Wisteria"

  • Ivory--"Vanilla"
  • Touch of pink--"French Vanilla"
  • Very light coffee color--"Capuccino"--Looks like one gradation darker than "Vanilla"
  • Tinge of pink--"Butter Pecan"--Looks like one gradation darker than "French Vanilla"
  • Dusty rose--"Cherry Blosson"
  • Shimmery dark brown--"Meteorite"
I'm excited to get paintin'!

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