Sunday, September 9, 2012

30 Before 30

Maybe this is premature. Maybe I'm being melodramatic (again). Maybe I'm just being me, and this is the space for that, right?

So this 30 before 30 list. Here's the thing: I've always been a very goal-oriented person. I thrive on making lists, checking things off, and having a tangible running list of exactly how accomplished I am. Man, I sound like a jerk. But I'm not. I promise. Anyways, here goes.

30 Before 30
  1. Write a little (or a lot) every day.
  2. Develop a regular workout routine.
  3. Buy a nice camera and learn how to use it and all the fancy settings.
  4. Use said camera as a camcorder and record bits of daily life.
  5. Learn more about graphic art design and use it to design a gloriously beautiful blog.
  6. Travel somewhere new at least once a year.
  7. Travel to every continent (except for Antarctica--well, maybe Antarctica, too).
  8. Buy horrendously expensive, awesomely gorgeous shoes.
  9. Go to grad school.
  10. Learn a new language.
  11. Cultivate meaningful volunteer experiences.
  12. Learn to chop vegetables quickly like those fancy chefs.
  13. Discover my spirituality.
  14. Have a better relationship with my dad (and my whole family).
  15. Increase my vocabulary.
  16. Pick up a hitchiker.
  17. Go on a LONG road trip.
  18. Learn to draw portraits.
  19. Develop an ethos about the food I ingest.
  20. Work in a different country.
  21. Go to Africa!
  22. Build something.
  23. Get a grown-up job where I can be creative and thrive.
  24. Get out of debt.
  25. Grow my hair out long.
  26. Make a really awesome dress.
  27. Learn to swim!
  28. Make a measurable difference.
  29. Ride an elephant.
  30. Be happier each year than I was the year before.
Thanks for reading! I'm on my way to accomplishing number 20 right now!


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