Sunday, September 9, 2012

Trip to Korea--in a nutshell

When one (read: me) travels to Korea, one should always be prepared for the unexpected. My do's and don'ts for just such a situation.

DON'T arrive three hours early for your flight just because your travel agency says so.
DO expect to be sexually harassed on the airplane from Salt Lake City to San Francisco.
DON'T bother trying to fit your way large backpack either under your seat or in the overhead compartment.
DO walk for ages from one terminal in the San Francisco airport to another only to find out there was a shuttle.
DON'T even try to have one last American meal--everyone already has the same idea.
DO suck it up and wear the crappy headphones they give you with that special plug. You would think that with how far we've come (ergonomically) the airplane might be able to afford some headphones that a) work and b) don't cause splitting headaches. On that note...
DO take advantage of all the perks: the free tylenol (or whatever Singapore Airlines equivalent is--it hasn't caused a brain embolism...yet).
DON'T eat the airplane food! No matter how many times it makes me feel utterly ill, I still go for it. BAD IDEA. The puke bag was nearly used. Serious matter.
DO use the TV screen in front of you to watch What to Expect When You're Expecting, The 5-Year Engagement, Brave, Men In Black 3 and an episode of Project Runway.
DO arrive in Korea, accidentally pick the fast lane through immigration, smile when they snap your pic, exchange your American dollars and find the sign with your name on it.

My school took care of everything and I am SO grateful. There was a man waiting at the airport with my name on a sign (my NAME on a SIGN--I've always wanted to be one of those people). He then rode with me in a very nice limo taxi part of the way and then had the driver take me to the hotel. Everything was prepaid and the hotel people knew exactly who I was.

 I am not at my permanent home quite yet, since the last teacher hasn't vacated the apartment yet. Someone from my school (not sure exactly who it was, but she was very nice!) told me that I will be staying with my current arrangement for the next two days. My current arrangement is at a love motel! They are called love motels because you can rent rooms by the hour. There are these strange cartoons all over the walls of people kissing, bottles popping their corks, lips, and cameras. Definitely odd stuff, but the room is nice with a big bed-type thing.

More to come, stay tuned!


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