Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oh, yeah . . . A Moment for Solicitation

Please excuse me for being so selfish, so self-absorbed, and not asking this sooner, but I've been busy, what with this great adventure I'm supposed to be going on *hopefully* as of Saturday. (If you can't believe that I'm still crossing my fingers that this will actually happen, then join the freakin' club, people!)

Back on topic: Sure, I'm writing this blog for longevity reasons, I suppose, but it's also for all you people. So what is it you'd like to know? What fascinates you about my imminent adventure?

Are you curious about all the funky food I'll willingly be ingesting?
Ever wonder about cultural customs?
Intrigued by my experience as a foreigner?
Engrish? Need I say more?
What about all those weird products you'd NEVER find in America?

All ideas welcomed and encouraged! Leave a comment and let me know!


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