Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Agency I Used to Get to South Korea

I would have to consider my first week in Korea a smashing success. I have fallen in love with the place and am so grateful to my recruiting agency, Teach ESL Korea, for their ongoing support as I pursue this wild and crazy adventure. I used several different agencies when I was looking into this experience and am so glad that the school I ended up with was found using this agency.

Initially, I nearly signed with a different agency and as soon as this happened, my recruiter fell off the face of the planet. I won't name names, but it gave me such an uneasy feeling that I didn't sign with them. With TESLK, on the other hand, the main contacts, Dan and Agnieska Henrickson, are always an email away if something goes wrong. They have an entire network of ESL teachers, most of whom seem to be lovely individuals and people who can help you out when necessary.

So if you're looking into an agency to sign with a hagwon, I highly suggest TESLK!


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