Sunday, September 2, 2012

What I am Packing for Korea

As I have been educating myself on all the ins and outs of teaching in South Korea, I have found a single subject really lacking: packing. Everyone has their tips on what to bring and they always include spices, deodorant, a big towel and toothpaste, there are no comprehensive lists.

So I made a video. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's my first YouTube video ever and yeah, it's only okay. And I'm okay with that. Funny thing about it is, I didn't include any of the aforementioned in my video because I didn't have them at the time. They were added later, no worries.

Well, without further ado, here's my video!



  1. dude, you have 5 more pounds? Bring more jeans and shoes. Seriously. Use all 50 lbs.

    We're very different, you and me.

    1. I'm still going shopping in Ogden for more work pants/jeans and gifts for my co-workers and candy and such. Worrywart.

      And you know you'll be pleased when I update all the things I wish I had brought with me...