Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Last Days in the U-S-of-A

I've spent my final days in the USA visiting my sister in Wyoming. She lives in a small town where you run into your coworkers and neighbors and everyone else at the grocery store and where "commuting" to work the next town over is closer than my high school was to my childhood home. It couldn't be more different from Los Angeles, and for that, I would say I am grateful. I'm about to spend a year in the hustle and bustle of South Korea; I could use a change of pace.

It's also been nice to spend this time with family. Oh! The niece and nephew time it has afforded me! For those of you with nieces and/or nephews, you know the joy of which I speak--as much cuddle time as you can force the poor child to endure, the ability to always be the "good guy," and that awesome moment when the child starts screaming and you feel no responsibility whatsoever . . . Okay, I kid! But it really is awesome.

I am going to miss these kiddos the most, I think, considering they will have morphed into entirely different people by the next time I see them. This is both wonderful and heartbreaking, considering how adorable they are now. I wish I could freeze frame time like Zach Morris and cuddle them at this age forever!


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