Sunday, October 28, 2012


Hello, blog land! I don't have any specific thing to update everyone on, but I want to share what's going on 'round these parts these days.

  • School: The days seems to melt into weeks, and now it's the end of October and my second month in Korea is already coming to a close. I already feel like it is going by too quickly. I just want to press pause so I can savor every delicious food, enjoy hanging out with new-found friends, hugging on my students, and learning about a new culture. Even my sixth-graders gave me a reprieve on Friday. I was recapping everything they've learned (snorefest) and telling them about birds of prey in Arizona and Trailer Park Boy's pet tarantula and snake and they were actually listening. They were actually interested! Success!
  • Friends: I'm making friends. This is big, people. Now, adventuring solo is a choice, not a mandate. And for a geek with social issues, this is big news.
  • Phone: Can't stop playing with it. It's a love/hate thing right now. Mostly totally in love. 

Today, I am going to go to Itaewon, the foreigner quarter of Seoul, hit up a South African restaurant and check out What The Book. Life is good.


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