Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pretty New Things

I really hate to continually talk about how awesome Korea is, you know. I just hate it so, and yet I can't stop myself. And because of that, you get to listen to me brag about how awesome my country is and my life in said country. Hate me if you will.

Today I got my phone--an IPHONE.
I have joined the dark side.
But it feels oh-so-good.

The experience took forever and a half, but I got free cookies, case, and screen protectors out of the deal for only $20 US.

Oh yeah, did I mention that it only cost $20?

Yeah, life is hard over here. So rough. But on the bright side [for you], now you can see photos of my life. Hooray!



  1. does that mean we can text?!

    1. Yes and no. I got a plan with 350 minutes/text messages a month, but it has unlimited data. This means I get allll facebook/skype messages as though they were texts. Also, if you have a data phone (which I KNOW you do), you can download Kakao Talk, a free talk and messaging app, and we can phone/text that way too!