Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ladies and gents, she believes she has learned Korean

It was freeeeeeezing tonight (try -11 Celsius), so I decided to take a cab from the department store to the Sou'Frican's place. So I get in and I say my home like a pro: "Bugae Sam-dog, mok ja gol mok, ga-chuseyo" (polite Korean for my "street name, take me").

And the cabbie has me repeat it. Because I am waygookin (foreigner) speaking his native tongue. So I do. And I've been told I say it "adorably." This, I choose to believe.

But then he starts yammering on in Korean. "Mul-a" says me ("I don't know/understand"). Now, usually this stops them in their tracks and we both just figure a way to make do. But he's still going on and on. He pauses, like he's just asked me a very important question. So I say "ketchan-a" ("it's okay"), so he says ketchan-a and suddenly everything is okay again. I get dropped off where I need to go.



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