Tuesday, January 8, 2013

That Time I Taught My Students the Word "Sucks"

I have this class if wonderful, brilliant 4-graders. And I love me some 4-graders. They haven't yet got a chip on their shoulder, they're desperate to please, thoughtful gifts mean something to them, they can carry on intelligent conversation, and this particular class is completely full of students clamoring to answer my every question before I've even asked it.

On the particular day in question, I was asking my students about how much homework they had over the weekend, and not surprisingly, it was an insane amount. "That sucks!" I said without thinking.

"Teacher, what is 'sucks'?" asked Linda, one of the brightest students in the class.

So then I was "forced" into explaining. I told them how it's just something you say if something is not good. And I gave them several examples. But still, I wasn't so sure they understood. So I just left it at that, seeing as I would prefer if this lesson didn't get back to their parents.

As class was commencing, I told my students that they would, unfortunately, have to do an extra assignment for homework that evening. And Linda, sweet Linda, says "Teacher sucks!"

At least she applied what she learned?


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