Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cooking in Korea

Looking around the food court at the department store (yeah, we have food courts AND grocery stores in our department stores here, jealous?), there is a lot of unfamiliar food--with the exception of the KFC. And even they have squid rings. Korean food has no remote similarities to the good ol' home-cooking I can find in the U-S-of-A. So shopping and fulfilling my many varied cravings can be a bit of challenge. So what do I do?

Certain things range from difficult to impossible to find: bacon, cheese, butter, certain fruits or vegetables, ground beef, turkey, certain cuts of meat, most pre-made things that make cooking easier/less time consuming (like Campbell's cream of mushroom soup or Kraft mac and cheese), ranch dressing, baguettes, lots of spices, and popcorn. Not everything is impossible to find, but it certainly can be a mission.

So you substitute. Can't find spinach? Use mustard greens and just do whatever you can to cover up that weird taste. Don't have turkey? Make two chickens! No ranch? I suppose mayo is better than nothing....

Luckily, the longer I am here, the more I discover. Just today, I discovered that the grocery store (two subway stops) down the street has cream of mushroom soup AND bacon. What a day it's been for me!


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