Saturday, February 9, 2013


I actually paid someone to clean my apartment. It was either that or throw away all my dishes and begin anew.

The weather has been bordering on ungodly. And in other new, my bathroom is colder than my freezer.

Can you believe that these are normal colors to find in large(r) paint quantities, but you can't find black ANYWHERE?

Oh hey, prosthetic limb store.

Snakes on a train.

Mac n' cheese, courtesy of an express shipment from America. (THANKS MOM!!!!)

Hello adorable onesie!

Excluding that time I lost my phone on the street for three hours and used Find My iPhone to get it back and had a really confusing conversation with the Korean that picked it up, eventually requiring my coworker to step in and run interference last night, that's my life lately!


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  1. Your stories frim korea are so interesting...soubds like the,food and culture is comoletely different! Glad you discovered bacon-definitely a necessity! And the disciplining tactis are funny since they would never fly in the u.s.! Good for preston- that sounds like a fascinating mission! Glad you learned korean and are fitting in! Oh, sorry for all the spelling errors. New phone, and it usually guesses my words for me- which obviously its been slacking for some reason ;-)