Sunday, March 3, 2013


1) Eating kamjatang in my onesie. 2) Cool new train set-up. Maybe I'm the only weirdo who finds this newsworthy. 3) Finally getting exactly what I want for dinner at Korean barbecue! Imagine the fiasco of describing a variety of meats with your hands. 4) An entire aisle of tuna. For reals. 5) The price for grapes. I'm offended and constipated. 6) Some old friend-shaped pasta! In Korea! My world, I tell ya. 7) This beaut changed my life. I've been stuck in a ranch-gasm for weeks. 8) I'm writing for a website! Check it out: 9) Missing this gal like whoa.

Check in on me next week. My ma is visiting! Squee!!!


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