Monday, August 12, 2013

The Process of Turning 24: Part 3

Sunday morning we awoke bright and early to see my coworkers looking preeeeetty tore up. The Canadian 2.0 started the morning off by shaking out her purse that had been temporarily adopted by the ocean in a shower of seashells and sand. The Hunters people put on an awesome breakfast (with onions in the scrambled eggs! Why did I never think of this before???)

Then we gathered up all of our stuff and headed back out to the ocean. We swam, we played in the mud, and then the boyf and I went on a super ridiculous journey to find kimbap. Now back in Seoul, you can get kimbap anywhere. But noooooo. Boryeong, apparently is The Land Without Kimbap. So that was an hour wasted. We returned to the beach to see the waves licking our bags! That tide really does come in fast...

Finally, we all met up as a group to get on the bus to go back home. The boyf arranged it for us to get on the "quiet bus" and we ditched my coworkers. They were late for everything all weekend and almost missed the bus home! If I sound frustrated, it's because it's still frustrating to think about it... Anyway, it was a good thing especially because the Loud American ended up letting his shorts mold over the weekend, but with all his clothes making a seaward voyage, he had to wear them as is. And they were SO smelly. Couldn't hardly stand to be near him on the subway ride home. Although it was hilarious to see people's faces when he would come near them and they'd catch a whiff.

Because we were getting dropped off in Gangnam, we just haaaaaaad to go to Tomatillo Grill, one of the better Mexican joints (get the California Burrito, I promise you'll die and go to heaven). And who would show up while we are enjoying our meal, but the trip leaders! And they brought us free Hunters. What a plus. What a guy!

All in all, what a fabulous weekend to celebrate my birthday. I'll write about the final installment of my birthday celebrations next!

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