Sunday, October 27, 2013

Delicious food in Samsan-dong, Gulpocheon Station, Line 7: Vietnamese Shabu Shabu.

Although this does not qualify as foreign food, it is certainly delicious! This is by far one of my favorite meals I've had in Korea. The restaurant is named Kkotmareum and serves up an interesting variation on typical shabu shabu.

The Food:

The food is a variation of shabu shabu, where you cook meat and vegetables in a pot of boiling broth at your table. However, the vietnamese part comes in when you make spring rolls using your cooked meat before all the veggies and noodles comes in. I like getting the "MEEL" (wheat) noodles and spicy broth. A salad comes before the meal with a delicious peanut dressing on it. The spring rolls and fixings comes with onions, cabbage, beets, cucumber,  carrot, and pineapple, as well as a delicious sweet chili dipping-sauce, but they are build-your-own so you can pick and choose your ingredients. The soup comes with a wide array of veggies. After the meal, they will fry up some rice in the leftover broth, but the final product is very jook-y (porridge-like). Overall, it'll cost you ~10,000 won for lunch and 12,000 won for dinner--a steal for shabu shabu!

Getting there:

Take Line 7 to Gulpocheon Station. Use the Lotte Mart exit (#6 or 7, I think). Go up the escalators and continue walking straight. Make a left around the side of the building. On your left will be the Lotte Mart building and on your right will be a parking lot. Make your second right, so that the parking lot is on your right and a string of restaurant are on your left. Walk straight, crossing a street. Keep walking straight. You will see Samsan Gymnasium in front of you. Look on your left for the Han's Deli sign, Kkotmareum is in the same building. Make a left after the man in the kiosk allowing people into the underground parking lot. If you reach the end of the street, you've gone too far. Kkotmareum will be on the second floor of the Han's deli building, right next to Han's Deli.

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