Sunday, November 3, 2013

Delicious food in Samsan-dong, Gulpocheon Station, Line 7: The best Haejjanguk in the world at Ebadom

Although Ebadom is a chain restaurant you are likely to find all around Korea, I am particularly fond of this location. If you have an Ebadom near you, by all means, check out their Haejjanguk or their kamjatang--you won't regret it! If you're in the Samsan-dong area, this should definitely be on your list of restaurants to frequent!

The Food:

I am particularly fond of the kamjatang (spicy rib soup with potato), but that is generally meant for larger groups. But the haejjanguk (hangover soup) is almost identical--sadly, without the accompanying potato. But Ebadom recently had a deal where you could order "dolsotbap" with your haejjanguk for no extra charge. This is the purple rice that comes in a ceramic dish, which means--YES!--burned crispy rice at the bottom. Give it a chance. This stuff comes out piping hot, so watch yourself! Also, if you work in the area, there is always the chance you'll run into students because there is a playground attached to the restaurant. Overall, haejjanguk will cost you 7,000 won and the dolsotbap at the mo' comes free (if you ask...). The larger dishes of kamjatang start at 23,000. They also sell steamed mandu (5,000 won), donkas, galbitang, etc.

Getting There:

Take Line 7 to Gulpocheon Station. Take the Lotte Mart exit (Exit #6 or 7, I think), and take the escalator up. Walk straight out of the escalators and continue straight across the street. Continue walking straight, with the main road on your right and a series of shops on your left. Cross the street again. At the major intersection with a light, do not cross the street, but look up above the Dunkin' Donuts. On the second floor is Ebadom! Happy hunting!

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