Sunday, November 17, 2013

Delicious food in Bucheon, Sinjung-dong Station, Line 7: Subway sandwiches!

Sometimes you have to go where everybody knows your name. And if you live in the area, everyone will know your name here very quickly. You will also fill up their frequent customer rewards cards with alarming speed because I know from experience.

The Food: Typical subway sandwiches with a few caveats--the avocado mash is some strange, from-a-bag mixture that makes the roof of my mouth itch. The meatball subs use frozen meatballs that are smaller and less tasty than the varieties we are used to at home. The chicken used for any chicken sandwiches is of general poor quality and is also less delicious than you might be used to. They don't offer any varieties of cheese, only offering white processes slices. However, with the exception of those things, this is a great place to go when you crave something American! The cold cuts are awesome and I have no issues with the cheese. The pickles are DILL, the olives are BLACK, and they have jalapenos, hallelujah! A six inch could potentially be less than 5,000 won, but I wouldn't know because I've never been here and gotten anything less than a footlong. Apparently, this restaurant will also turn you into a pig, if you weren't one before.

Getting there:

Take Line 7 to Sinjung-dong station. Take exit 3 and go up all the escalators. Out of the escalators, make a left. Lotte Department Store will be on your left. Cross the first street you come to and make a left. Subway will be on your right. If you hit the convenience store or McDonalds, you've gone too far.

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