Sunday, November 24, 2013

Delicious food in Bupyeong, Bupyeong Station, Line 1: Cheap Shots!

With a name like Cheap Shots, you might be surprised that I am mentioning their food. If you're even familiar with the Bupyeong area and this came up, you're probably rolling your eyes and making "duh" noises. Well, first of all, don't judge a bar by its name and second of all, don't be a jerk. Although Cheap Shots does, indeed, sell cheap shots, they are also fine proprietors of delicious foreign food in the Bupyeong club district.

The Food: Where to start? The burgers (real DILL pickles! crispity, crunchety bacon! delicious meat!), the poutine (gravy and cheese atop fries, oh my!) occupy all of my time at Cheap Shots, but I've heard great things about their salads and their wings. The variety is amazing, Tommy, the owner and chef, is a super nice guy, and the bar hosts trivia every Thursday at 9:30! What's not to like? The prices for wings are exceptionally cheap, but the poutine and burgers clock in at about 10,000. I think this is perfectly reasonable for perfection.

Getting There: This can be a bit complicated, but if you already know how to get to the Bupyeong club district or the Starbucks/Baskin Robins gateway, then that's half the battle. Skip down to the next paragraph. If you don't, we will still get you there, don't you worry! *NOTE: There is probably an easier way to get there. However, this is the one I always use and it gets me there eventually.* Get to the main turnstiles at Bupyeong station and then walk straight into the underground shopping abyss. Walk straight until you come to a long, intersecting lane and make a left. Walk straight until you come to a octagonal/circular large open area and look up. There will be arrow signs pointing you in the right direction. Look for the one that says Bupyeong Culture Street and follow it. Walk straight until you see a bunch of male mannequins and make a right out of that exit--#16 or 17, I believe. Go up the escalators. After exiting the escalator bank, turn around and walk around the corner. Bennagin's will be on your left. Follow the corner as it turns and walk straight down the street until you see Starbucks and Baskin Robin's on your left.

Cross the street. Enter into the club district of doom and try to dodge all the promoters trying to get you to go to their clubs. I promise you, they aren't that great. Make your first right and make a left down the street directly before Ho Bar II. Cheap Shots is on the third floor of the building on your right.

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