Monday, February 21, 2011


You know what's great? Being up at 2 am on a Wednesday night and being able to turn to T and say "I want to go on a road trip this weekend" and then being there less than 48 hours later. Yeah, that's great.

We made our trek to CA Friday night, leaving Mr. Darcy at my mom's house and pulling into Pasadena at a cool 1 am.

Although our experience wasn't as "LA" as T's sister's, who saw Frasier's dad and some other people, we made it work.

Of course, I can't detail how we made it work pictorally because I was such a no0b that I brought one (1) camera with two (2) exhausted batteries.

Therefore, ladies and gents, the highlights:

The food!
The Hollywood sign!
Santa Monica!

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