Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I think it was the third day I knew T that I proudly proclaimed that he would be receiving an origami swan for Valentines' Day--and me being the relationship optimist I was, I am pretty sure I prefaced it with "if we were still together."

Well, surprise surprise, we're still together and I still don't know how to fold origami swans, so he certainly didn't get that.

Actually, we never planned on doing anything. We're not hallmark people, we're not into doing things just because everyone else is, and we're certainly not big on spending moneys. That's why I wasn't surprised when we ended up having the perfect Valentine's Day anyway.

T picked me up from school and we went home to our barky beast, took out the trash and then decided on early sushi. So we got 3 pm sushi and it was delish. After that, we got coffee from Sky Bar for FREE with those handy coupons and then walked fourth. We scored some new shwag and then came home where we finished up movies and I punked out on getting drinks at the shelter.

THERE. There's our v-day story. It's done now.

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  1. When you learn how to make one, I want a freaking origami swan!