Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away

I am a sponge. A saturated, over-used, left-in-the-sink, stinky sponge. Someone wring me out to dry.

The sheer amount of information I have been force-fed in the last two days doesn't even compare to Friday's orientation, which, by the way, wasn't considered an official day of training. That was like pre-training training. I have definitely learned a LOT about all kinds of things I never wanted to know anything about, particularly in reference to the secret inner workings of a ginormous public school system. Those are secrets meant to be taken to the grave, not dumped upon a slew of recent college grads. I'm tellin' ya, if we actually absorbed anything, we know more about administration than most of the administration.

Today we found out our schools and two of mine are more than a 45-minute drive away! I told my supervisor I could not afford spending an hour and a half in the car four days a week (Z probably couldn't handle it either--I don't come home in a very good mood around rush-hour), so hopefully that will get switched around, or I don't think I can continue working for them. The whole issue is complicated by the fact that I've been trying to figure out my school assignment for two months, during which I could have relocated to be closer. But Z and I just extended our lease another year because our lease is up tomorrow.

So that bit is more than somewhat frustrating, however, I am coping. I'm not freaking out yet or anything, although when I told my ma, she told me to start looking for another job. Always the pessimist. I, however, am choosing to believe the best in people and that it will all work out. For now. Although I am going over my resume again. What?! You can never be too prepared.

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