Sunday, August 28, 2011

Give me a P!

Being in Portland was an awesome experience.

Americorps took care of everything; as I told my mother, I didn't spend a dime in four days! For me, that is a big deal, and one to celebrate. The beds were amazing--if a cloud and a feather were to make love, THIS was the bed in which they would have chosen this bed. The food was delicious, all local, fresh. Some people complained that there was too many veggies. Whaaaat? Not. Possible.

While I was there, I spent some time wandering around by myself, enjoying the atmosphere, checking out local cafes, walking the waterfront, seeing friends old and new, and learning a lot.

While I was there, I had the opportunity to visit my friend, E, who hosted a friend and I last Spring Break, which was an awesome and mind-blowing experience that marked many firsts for me--dumpster diving, minor building projects, sleeping in a tent indoors, and many, many more adventures. Re-visiting was another whirlwind, a different cast of characters but the same old zany fun.

Well, as it turns out, one of the new roommates, J, is from Arizona, and he and I just happened to go to the same middle and high schools and he just happened to date one of my best friends in the whole world, J! Small world.

For me, Portland is just one of those magical places where I am more creative, where I see human interactions that make me think, where I can run into people I knew a DECADE ago. I feel SO old.

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