Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fashion trend debate: High-waisted bikinis

As the weather here on the west coast warms up, my brain becomes increasingly finicky and prone to daydreaming about the beach, swimming in our apartment complex pool, or buying into the California Girls ideology and wearing my daisy dukes/bikini on top.

May my jewel green bikin forever rest in peace at the Holiday Inn in Tucson (where I lost it at a Board Retreat for Camp Wildcat), but my loss has turned me on to new styles and has me wondering about the high-waisted bikini trend popping up all over.

Beach Blanket Bingo

Snack Bar Beauty
Bathing Beauty
Boo: In the third grade, someone foisted the knowledge upon my delicate ears that white swimsuits were for shooting porn. Booya: Easier to hide trouble spots, right? No pinching the lovvies. Boo: Don't you lose the sex appeal of a bikini with the hem creeping up? Booya: I mean, I'm not a piece of meat on display in a butcher's shop. Boo: These suits make even the super-thin models look kind of doughy. Won't I look like a whale?!

Well, there are lots of other styles up on Modcloth to choose from, so explore a bit and let me know....

What's your opinion on this whole shebang? Is it socially acceptable for me to wear one of these?

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