Friday, March 23, 2012

Surprises on the way!

I might be the worst secret-keeper in the world. No deepest, darkest secret-blabber am I. But when I have a surprise for someone, it is absolutely impossible for me to keep it under wraps. Look at me now, I stumble upon the coolest idea for a present EVER and all I want to do is blog about it.

Maybe it's because I am a huge pain in the ass and I enjoy lording it over people's heads that there is, in fact, something going on in my fishbowl brain and it may or may not be about them. Maybe it's because I am such a kind and genteel person that I want to help someone else's day look a little brighter just that much quicker.

Either way, expect more blogs about it in the future.


  1. You were with me all weekend and didn't tell me about this genius idea? Why not?!