Monday, March 26, 2012

States and Checkmates

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I thought I had been to more than 40 states, but now it's for real. After this weekend, I have just 10 more states to hit. In fact, I am writing to you lovely people from state #40: North Carolina, where I have been visiting for the last 60+ hours visiting Psych Girl at her Psych School with all her Psych Friends.

North Carolina is a really great place. The accents drive me wild! There's nothing like that sweet twang to get me jonesing for an Arnold Palmer, a patch of shade and a rocking chair. A slower-paced, friendlier me gets drawn out of her shell, and before you know it, I am talking to total strangers about my job and my dog and my whole freakin' life. Who is this person?! She's a stranger to me.

I will have lots to update you on, so expect a North Carolina series of blogs coming soon about darties, Illuminati, and Wakeforest University, and graduate school but for now, I just wanted to let you know that this place rocks!

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