Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Linkin' Logs

Glow jars! This DIY-er is a lot more patient than I am. I wasn't even patient enough to scroll through the tutorial to read the portions translated into English. I did, however, see that this person painted INDIVIDUAL DOTS on all these jars. No way, no how would I ever be willing to do that. Spend 5-6 HOURS painting one jar?! I think I would try pouring glow-in-the-dark paint on sand, smashing it up with a hammer once it dried, and painting on the glowy particles with modge podge. Do you have any better ideas?

I have had this bug in my brain ever since since I saw this tutorial on recycling your own paper. I've been thinking about making my very own journal from scratch using seed paper. Although it would be a very costly project in terms of time, I've got nothing but! Okay, not so true. But how lovely a gift would that make? Or even better, it would make an excellent journal pour moi. Even if I don't make an entire journal (that's a lot of paper to be saving up...), this handmade seed paper would still make cool stationary!

I am perpetually Googling cool shelving because I find most shelving to be boring. That's why I have legit books bolted to my walls in lieu of shelves. But this stacked end table shelving is an awesome unique idea!

I'm no graffiti artist or anything, but that doesn't mean I don't love handmade/personalized stencils! The British bandits behind have made creating your own street art that much easier by allowing you to upload a photo (or choose one from the web), choose your saturation point and start spraying! They've got an entire gallery, too, in case you're a not-so-creative type. I would love to take this site and decorate my home office (when I have an office!) with tons of street art all over the walls and ceiling. How would you use your personalized stencils?


  1. I love/want the glow jars.

  2. But spending 5 tedious hours painting dots on them?? No thanks.