Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekend Wanderer: Tucson

It's been nearly two weeks and I have yet to blog about my trip to Tucson! I promise, my tardiness should NOT be a reflection of the enjoyment quotient of this trip, unless the correlation is positive (negative? Psych Girl would know what I meant).

Driving into town on the I-10 made me nervous, like butterflies in my stomach, like I was nervous that Tucson wouldn't remember me, wouldn't like me anymore. But really, I think I was just scared I would love this place more now that I'm gone. And I guess my summation of the experience is that it reminded me how much I love Tucson, but also how glad I am not to live there full-time anymore.

I arrived in the Dirty T Friday night, ready to par-tay. Well, really a friend scored free tickets to see Benny Benassi (apparently on the list of top 100 dub-step artists - who knew?), so J-bunny organized a crew of "hot girls" to be VIPs. Although the tickets semi-fell through, we filled the night with all things typical collegiate, Tucson: Fourth Avenue bar crawl and haunting the piercing store where I almost got my eyebrow pierced for $27. It was a Tucson night. I can only say that I am sad that the night didn't end in a delicious Brooklyn slice.

Saturday was probably one of the most efficient days for me in recent history. We started the morning with a soothing 5K walk, where I ran into Camp Wildcat people the whole way! J-buns and I made a list (we love lists and checking things off said lists) and accomplished most of the projects, checking in on Foursquare all along the way. We got seeds for her garden, art supplies for me, a puzzle for her, and scones for all! We even had relaxing time to chill in Jen's backyard, soaking in the sun, the wonderful colors of all the wildflowers, the hummingbirds, and listening to her chickens run around the yard.

Here you can see the products of our efficient day:

Took the idea from a pin on Pinterest and made it my own! 

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  1. A positive correlation would mean that the later you were in posting, the more you enjoyed it. A negative one would mean that the later you were in posting, the less you enjoyed it. There is no real correlation here, because you did not avoid posting because you didn't like it, and you didn't wait to post because you liked it so much, you were what? Hogging the memory for yourself?

    That video about the eyebrow girl was annoying and a waste of 5 minutes of my life. I was waiting for her to rip it out and she didn't. Bad choice.