Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Favorite Students

Imagine the pride I felt on our field trip last week when I heard one of my kindergartners actually applying something she learned in conversational English. Can I just pause to gasp right now? *GASP*

So, here's what happened. Background: a couple weeks ago, I taught my kids about the human body--nervous system, arteries, veins--everything. We even went over the digestive system and the process of food being broken down by acid and being turned into waste. If that seems pretty heavy for a seven-ish-year-old to handle, imagine breaking that down for seven-ish-year-old to understand. It ended up being one of those things I had to shrug my shoulders and just hope they gleaned some useful information. It's not like they're taking the MCATs tomorrow or anything.

Fast-forward to our field trip. We were told we were going to see a "musical performance." It ended up being really fun for the kids (and really boring for the teachers, as everything was in Korean). They even passed out dough for the kids to roll and play with. The "cooks" had them roll it out into a long string, and then coil it in their hands until it looked like....a pile of crap. No joke, all the kids are shouting "dong! dong!" (the Korean word for poo).

So then one of the foreign teachers asked my student Raye, "Is that poop?" But Raye responded with "No! It's waste!"

Immediately upgraded to favorite student status.


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