Monday, September 12, 2011

This time for real!

So it was my first day of work today. Again. Got deja vu yet?

Yes, for the first time today, I experienced what a *normal* day at work would be like. It went a little like this:

7:30 wake up, for the princess in us all
8:00 running late, hurried kiss goodbye to Z, start my car and listen to it squeal for awhile (broken something or other)
8:05 braindead from sleep, get on the wrong freeway, going the wrong direction
8:15 get off the wrong freeway (yes, at 8 am, traffic going to wrong direction is so bad that it will take you 10 minutes to get off at THE NEXT freeway exit) and go the correct direction
8:35 arrive at school slightly late, sit around unsure of what to do for awhile, give myself something to do, meet security staff, a community liaison mom, a school cop, a nurse, counselor, and basically everyone else who is getting paid more than me
1:30 finally meet with the principal to review the request for donations parent letter that I wrote for him, change nothing and receive rubber stamp approval, meeting adjourned
1:45 drive to Local District office, read training materials, do side projects with flexible deadlines
3:30 meeting with Local District supervisors, receive a lot of redundant information, get talked down to and treated like an idiot, miss snippets of the conversation because the sups and the other VISTA randomly start using Spanish
5:00 bitch sesh with my ma

Well, there you have it: MY DAY! Although I might be sarcastic, I really did have a good first day, with the exception of the supervisor meeting. And I'm working on learning Spanish so that when I do encounter culturally ignorant folks, I won't miss all points of the conversation.

(PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT saying that people who speak Spanish are culturally ignorant. Only those with the capability of speaking in English perfectly well who choose to speak in Spanish when they are well aware that others present do not speak Spanish fall under this category)

I hope I have lots more to share in the coming days as I adjust to my new schedule, working quarters, job description and the many, many life changes that come along with being a VISTA. Of course, that includes making it until payday (Thursday) with less than a quarter of a tank of gas. But boy, those good people points sure make my piggy bank feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside!

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