Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Links to Love: Simpler Times

There is something about shutters, especially old, weathered shutters, that make me think back to simpler times. It makes me feel like I grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania, instead of tromping through Bell Road in Phoenix. Call me crazy, but these ideas for useful shutter upcycles tickle me pink!

There is something about a whimsical, flowery, girlish pattern that drives me nuts. This piece of art has my creative juices flowing for a new comforter, which would look absolutely fab with my new curtains. If you see cheap girly prints somewhere, keep me updated.

You should all know I am nuts about books by now. But more importantly, I am nuts about sharing my nutso-ness with others. Enter the text poster.

I love the bedroom decorating tips I stumbled upon here, but I really dig these French-style furniture!!

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